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  • What are amenities available?
    Free high-speed internet Wi-Fi in all rooms and pool area 75" 4K Smart TV Netflix, Disney PlayStation 4 Board Games Marshall bluetooth speaker USB sockets next to bedside tables Underfloor water-heating/cooling in the entire house Fridge with water and ice dispenser Oven Microwave Dishwasher and dishwasher tablets Fully automatic coffee machine (grain included) BORA cooktop Toasters Electric kettle Blender Hand blender Juice maker Kitchen Robot Barbecue Washing machine Drying machine Vertical steamer Hair dryer in all bathrooms Bath towels Pool towels Body wash, shampoo, conditioner Body cream Satin eye mask If you need something specific contact us.
  • Where is Monte Vicente located?
    Mourão, Evora - Portugal
  • What are GPS coordinates?
    Please use one of the two: 38.40399361342805, -7.296357070430676 or CP33+HC6, 7240-240 Mourão
  • Is there a minimum night stay?
    Yes, 5 nights is the minimum length of stay through the entire year.
  • What is included in the night rate?
    Night stay, 1 meal prepared by a chef, tax, cleaning fee
  • Can I book directly with you?
    Yes, just send us an email to
  • Can I book a room?
    It is not possible to book rooms. Our rate includes the entire house.
  • Free Wi-Fi?
    Yes! Free, high-speed Wi-Fi in all rooms, pool area and terrace.
  • Is the house kids/baby friendly?
    We are happy to have children as guests and have a dedicated room for them as well as dinning table and chairs, custom made, for them to feel special. Cutlery, cups, dishes, bib, high-chair, toys, pool toys are available. Crib and other specific items might be available on request (e.g.: bottle warmer, bottles, bath, etc.)
  • Is the house prepared for people with disabilities?
    The house is at ground level, no stairs or steps inside. It is possible to access inside via garage. Floor surface is the same in the entire house, only existing rug is in the living room. Dinning table is wide and tall. Wheel chair fits all doors. One of the bedrooms and bathroom is especially wide to fit and rotate a wheelchair and the sinks at lower level. Also the transition from the living room to the terrace is smooth without steps. It is not possible to enter the pool with a wheelchair, but it is possible to seat inside in a safe way - 4x2m area 40 cm deep. If you have a special need or request, please contact us via mobile +351 967 343 331 or email to
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