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We are a family of 3 who found this piece of land in Alentejo. The nature, the view, the privacy, the quietude made us want to move here, so we rolled up our sleeves and started working on it. Six years later, we are finally able to share with you what once was merely a wish. 

Although we are in Alentejo, and we named our house the traditional way, "Monte", there is nothing traditional about the house. It is contemporary architecture, embracing clean lines and minimal design approach. We wanted to build a house that is efficient and comfortable the entire year, either with 40ºC or -2ºC outside. This way you can cosily discover the delights of every season. The landscape changing from green to gold in the Summer, the hot-air balloons filling the sky, the sunny days of winter (have we mentioned we have more than 240 days of sun?). 

For all the above reasons and more, one of our main concerns is of course the environment. We are not off-grid yet, but electricity, hot-water, under-floor heating and pool are mostly provided by solar energy. Our water comes from a borehole (analysis performed regularly) and sewage system ends in a bio-septic tank. This is why we kindly ask our guests to be extra conscious about water waste and what is thrown in the toilets, sinks and dishwasher sink. Everything ends in nature!

From our side, we do our best to use cleaning products and amenities that are environmentally friendly, recycled, recyclable or compostable. Additionally, since we are proudly inserted in Darksky® Alqueva reserve, we embrace and encourage a reduction in light pollution. This way you can contemplate the unrevealed night sky.  

Either if you come alone, with friends or a family with kids, you only need to bring your own clothes*, even the food we can arrange for you. Everything else is already here, it is like going to your own vacation home. And that's what we want you to feel, your home in Alentejo! The house is work-remote, kids, family, people with disabilities** and pet friendly.

* Tooth brush, hair brush and other personal accessories are not provided.

** We can improve accessibility to meet your needs. Let us know how to assist you better.



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Monte Vicente
7240 Mourão, Portugal

+351 911 151 457

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